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Our community is devoted to the discussion of Tradition, a term that has been most adequately defined by Seyyed Hossein Nasr as "truths or principles of a divine origin revealed or unveiled to mankind and, in fact, a whole cosmic sector through various figures envisaged as messengers, prophets, avataras, the Logos or other transmitting agencies, along with all the ramifications and applications of these principles in different realms including law and social structure, art, symbolism, the sciences, and embracing of course Supreme Knowledge along with the means for its attainment."

Topics for discussion include the orthodox doctrines, spiritual methods, and artistic forms of the worlds great religions, especially as they are represented in the Traditional School comprised of such authorities as Rene Guenon, Frithjof Schuon, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Marco Pallis, Titus Burckhardt, Martin Lings, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, William Chittick, Huston Smith, James Cutsinger and many others. Although these writers will serve as our primary focus, all traditional orthodox religions and philosophies are appropriate subjects for discussion. It is our hope that the encounter with the traditional perspective on this forum will allow participants to penetrate further into the depths of their respective traditions and enter into mutually supportive and enriching dialogue with the adherents of other religions.

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 Post subject: Re: Frithjof Schuon and the Islamic Tradition
PostPosted: March 8th, 2015, 3:59 pm 

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Ah yes, sorry, I didn't mean to deny much of what you are referring to Desmond. I was referring specifically to the child abuse claims.

 Post subject: Re: Frithjof Schuon and the Islamic Tradition
PostPosted: March 28th, 2015, 7:27 am 

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It seems like Schuon in some ways was the least conservative among the similar writers I have read so far.

He proposed the idea that there could be a Christian sufism.

His idea that mixing some syncron parts of the religions was not actual syncretism.

I wonder if there have ever been a sober criticism written on some of those ideas?

I did not look on the mentioned homepage, as the URL-name suggest it is a bullying homepage.

The book Against the Modern World, that was said to be critical of traditionalists and their personalities, got some devastating reviews, and because of that seems not like a reliable source of criticism. (He is, by the way, employed at Aarhus University, a university famous for bullying. Of note have Helmuth Nyborg and Linda Marie Koldau been bullied, ostracised and fired from there for expressing opinions against the consensus of the Marxist baby boomer hegemony.)
http://www.studiesincomparativereligion ... gwick.aspx

It is a mark of the postmodernist and of so called critical theory to pick out certain parts of their opponents thinking that they can construe to misrepresent them, ignoring the whole.

In the same manner it would be easy for them to pick out certain parts of traditionalists writing to make it look bad out of context. I can imagine how they once will do that with the chapter in Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions of Martin Lings where he discusses the ideal structure of society based on the thinking of Plato, and other passages that directly conflict with modernists ideology. They view everything in terms of ideology and personal motives, as that is all that their own motives are based on, so they cannot interpret things otherwise.

It seems to me that academia is mostly not a quest for truth, but of ideology, vendettas and power and prestige.

Schuon described himself as a pneumatic, meaning a person born with a predominant satwa quality having natural knowledge of spiritual truths. If that is true, it would exclude the possibility of pedophile tendencies, as that is related to the desire to destroy what is pure, a mark of a strongly tamic, downward oriented soul, that would likely also show itself in the physiognomy and cause other base traits. But Schuon hardly was a charlatan, it must be the most evil slander. It is against the sentiment of moderns that great virtues seldom coexist in a man with great vices, as they prefer to think that twisted personalities can be the greatest sages and leader.

Socrates, another man of presumed pneumatic character, was bullied for his looks and different personality. His snub nose shape was the contrary of the beauty ideal of the time. Finally he was persecuted to his death. It is sad to think about those tribulations that martyrs have gone through.

 Post subject: Re: Frithjof Schuon and the Islamic Tradition
PostPosted: March 28th, 2015, 9:50 am 

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 Post subject: Re: Frithjof Schuon and the Islamic Tradition
PostPosted: March 28th, 2015, 9:33 pm 

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It is a bit beyond me. As far as I know, from my limited knowledge of Islam, the Islamic strictures on sexual relations are quite liberal; polygamy - four wives allowed, and temporary marriages. Please correct me if I am wrong my Islamic brothers. On the other hand no alcohol, and here it is two weeks before Pascha and I am having a brandy (it's Saturday - wine and oil) while writing this - and in 27 years of marriage I have never strayed. It is the kali-yuga.

So what are we to think of Schuon? As far as Koslow goes he (Koslow not Schuon) seems to have gone off the deep end. Check his website

Schuon? I am in awe of his intellection. The primordial gatherings - stupid. He paid for it. I so wish he had not indulged in this but it is what it is. It is the kali-yuga. I am not fond of the kali-yuga. Actually I hate the kali-yuga.

Oh well. It is what it is. Praying for you all.


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